Frequently asked question

1. Is the given price stated per person or for the apartment?
The listed price is for the whole apartment. The description given is the maximum number of persons who may use the apartment during their stay.
2. Is it possible to add a child's cot into the apartment?
Yes that is possible. The addition of a child's cot costs and extra 10 EUR extra daily. Please include this information when sending your reservation.
3. Is the price that I get upon receiving confirmation of my reservation the final price or are there any extra costs involved?
The climate charge implemented in Zakopane is the only extra charge. The charge is 2,0 PLN per person per day and is calculated into the final price upon arrival
4. Where can I pick up the keys to the apartment?
The keys to the apartment can be collected on the day of arrival in our office - Jagiellonska 36, Zakopane.
5. How do I give the keys back?
You can collect the keys to the apartment in our office at ul. Zwierzyniecka 31 in Zakopane. On arrival you will receive detailed instructions in an SMS. We hand over the keys after paying the whole amount for the stay.
6. Is it possible to receive an invoice for my stay?
Of course. Invoice data should be provided when booking. Providing data at a later date may result in the inability to issue an invoice. We send invoices electronically
7. Am I allowed to smoke in the apartments?
There is a no-smoking policy in all the apartments. You may smoke outside: on the balconies, terraces.
8. Are bed covers and towels provided in the apartments?
Yes, complete furnishing and equipment is offered.
9. Should I bring my own cutlery and kitchen utensils?
Our kitchens are fully equipped in kitchen utensils, plates, cooking equipment as well as table clothes.
10. Can I bring my cat or dog with me?
Yes, so long as that possibility is stated in the apartment description. The charge for a cat or dog per night is 10 EUR.
11. Does the apartment have a parking space or a garage attached to it?
Yes, almost all of our apartments have a parking space/garage (depending on the apartment) available to our guests. 12. How much do I pay for my children? We do not charge for children under the age of 5. If an additional bed for the child is necessary, it is available for the additional fee of 10 EUR per night.
12. Do all the photos show what the apartments are like?
Yes, all the pictures of our apartments show their real state and conditions.
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